Four Things to Consider When Planning for a New Fence

Planning for a new fence

Fencing serves as a visual representation of a property’s border. It keeps intruders out and increases property value. Some fences are purely decorative. Others are used to keep pets and kids safe or to promote privacy. Planning for a new fence is important to maximize the benefits of this feature.

The Importance of Making a Plan

While planning for your new fence, take into consideration the cost and timeline for your project as well as the benefits of fencing to your property. For example, the height and placement of a chain link fence affect both how well it will secure your property and the total project cost. Get the most out of your efforts by planning for a new fence first.

1. Understand Your Goals

Before choosing materials to use and placement of your new fence, decide what you want to accomplish. What is the purpose of the fencing? Where will you install it? Then, consider what type of fence will meet your needs.

2. Determine Your Budget

Unless you and a neighbor are sharing the cost of the project, budgeting for the fence is something you must consider. Depending on your budget, you may be limited to certain materials. Instead of hiring someone, you might complete the installation project on your own to save money. Your budget dictates many aspects of your project, so it should be determined upfront.

3. Get a Quote for Different Materials

Fencing installation rates and the cost for the materials vary. Often, it is more cost-effective to purchase your own supplies and pay for labor than to let your contractor supply the materials. Requesting quotes for several types of materials will help you select one that is well-suited to your needs and within your budget.

4. Inform Your Neighbors When Planning for a New Fence

Planning for a new fence may impact the property next door, so it’s good to discuss your plans with your neighbors. Neighbors may be willing to help build the fence or contribute to the cost if they will also benefit from the project.

Because it can take time to prepare your finances and to gather quotes for various materials, work the planning and prep time into your overall project timeline. Get started by researching fence styles and determining what you want to accomplish by installing the new fence.

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