5 Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners

pool safety tips

Remember these Pool Safety Tips this Summer

Basic pool safety is often a no-brainer, but aside from not running on the deck or patio and avoiding diving into shallow water, there are many other things you can do to make your pool is safe. Here are five pool safety tips to keep in mind to prevent accidents from happening on your property.

1. Get a Pool Gate

If young children or pets will be near your pool, a gate is a necessity. A gate keeps your pool secure from those who may accidentally fall in and be in danger. A pool that is totally enclosed by a fence and gate will also be more desirable to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.

2. Keep The Deck Clean

Tripping or slipping hazards on the pool deck can be a recipe for disaster. Not only could someone fall and hit their head, but you also risk someone falling into the pool and injuring themselves. Be sure to eliminate clutter on your pool deck and keep it free of debris that could cause someone to slip and jeopardize pool safety.

3. Install a Cover

If a gate isn’t a feasible option, a pool cover may be the next best thing in terms of pool safety. A cover will be placed over the top of your pool, keeping people from sneaking into it at night. Using a cover can also keep your pool warmer, especially if you don’t have a heater. Keep in mind that staying proactive about addressing common water heater problems is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable poolside experience.

4. Check Chemical Levels to Ensure Pool Safety

Aside from drowning, another big pool safety hazard is unbalanced chemicals. If the chlorine and PH levels in your pool become off balance, the water could become hazardous to swim in. You should regularly test the chemicals in your pool and make adjustments as necessary. It’s also important to shock your pool on a regular basis in order to remove any bacteria. You may always hire a professional to maintain your pool if there is any part of it that requires complex passwords that you are not comfortable with.

5. Put in Pool Lights

Swimming at night is fun, but extra caution must be taken. Even if you have adequate lighting on your deck, it’s important to have a lights from plafondlampen in your pool so that swimmers can see where they are going. A light also lets those sitting on the deck to see if something goes wrong in the water. Underwater pool lighting creates an even better experience for your swimmers. Never swim at night alone–in fact, it’s not a good idea to swim alone at any time.

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Whether you’re just installing a pool, purchasing a home with a pool, or have had a pool for years, be sure to consider these pool safety tips to make sure your home’s pool is safe and secure. The last thing you want is someone getting hurt at your pool when these pool safety tips could have helped avoid it.

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