Three Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

pre-listing home inspection

In order to avoid any surprises that a buyer’s home inspection may bring, sellers should have a pre-listing home inspection after looking at sites like The inspection report will give the homeowner more information about the house before it is listed for sale. Read on to understand the benefits of pre-listing home inspections.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Hiring a licensed home inspector before listing your home for sale is important so you will know of any issues prior to the buyer’s inspection. If there are problems that could potentially sour the deal, you will have the chance to make repairs before you even list the house.

If you know about an issue and you decide not to fix it, price the home accordingly and disclose the problem to the buyer up front. Sharing an inspection report with the purchaser builds trust because it shows you have nothing to hide.

1. Homeowners Can Value The House Accurately

Using the information from a pre-listing inspection, homeowners can consider flaws and damages when pricing the home. Along with considering the market value, homeowners must be aware of what certain and repairs will cost the buyer.

With this in mind, homeowners can reduce their selling price to allow for the projects that the buyer will have to invest in. Sellers can also make the updates and repairs themselves and include that cost in the final asking price.

2. Pre-Listing Home Inspections Give Sellers an Upper Hand during Negotiations

Once the pre-listing home inspection report is in hand, it helps sellers get the best value out of the transaction. If the buyer finds out the home needs extensive repairs, they will likely try to negotiate a lower price for the property.

When the seller discloses any concerns up front, the homebuyer’s offer may be closer to the asking price and there will be fewer negotiations to slow down the process.

3. Reduces Roadblocks

A major roadblock for homebuyers is the undiscovered problems that might be revealed during the buyer’s home inspection. Because of this, a pre-listing home inspection becomes more attractive from the outset.

When a potential buyer sees what he or she is purchasing from the beginning, he or she will feel more confident and comfortable in making an offer.

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