electrical safety in the home can be improved with surge-protecting power strips
Electrical Safety in the Home
Electricity powers your appliances and electronic devices. Many homes also use electric systems for heating and cooling applications. While electricity
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four-point inspection
What is a Four-Point Home Inspection?
A four-point home inspection is often needed if your homeowners insurance policy is up for renewal and you own an
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Thanksgiving safety makes for an enjoyable holiday with family and friends
Thanksgiving Safety for an Enjoyable Holiday
Thanksgiving is coming up soon. You may be making travel plans or creating a grocery list because you’re doing the
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best moving tips
Best Moving Tips for Your Family
Moving as a family is challenging, from telling the kids that you’re moving to packing everything up. By following the
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ideas for small kitchens include adding more storage
6 Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens
Let These Ideas for Small Kitchens Inspire You A little ingenuity can turn your small kitchen into a well-organized space.
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expect as a new homeowner
6 Things to Expect as a New Homeowner
Congratulations, you have successfully purchased your first home! While you’re likely breathing a sigh of relief, get ready for all
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healthy lawn during summer
4 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lawn During Summer
Soaring temperatures are an expected part of summer weather that can stress a lawn, turning the grass brown and dry.
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pool maintenance
Summer Swimming Pool Maintenance in 7 Steps
With the temperatures rising, your swimming pool becomes an even more popular place to spend time. To keep the water
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grilling safety tips
Grilling Safety Tips for Your Next Cookout
Grilling Safety Tips to Protect Your Property and Guests Summer is just around the corner and many of us will
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types of decking materials
Pros and Cons of 5 Types of Decking Materials
Which Types of Decking Materials Are Best For Your Home? Adding a deck onto your home is a great way
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Planning for a new fence
Four Things to Consider When Planning for a New Fence
Fencing serves as a visual representation of a property’s border. It keeps intruders out and increases property value. Some fences
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Improving Indoor Air Quality
Six Tips on Improving Indoor Air Quality at Home
Breathing toxins in your home can cause health problems. To actively work on improving indoor air quality at home, consider
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declutter your home
How to Declutter Your Home
Whether you’re trying to downsize or just simplify your life, decluttering your home is a great idea. But where do you
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Keep your home safe during the holidays
Four Essential Steps to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays
Many people are away from their homes this time of year for holiday gatherings, extended shopping trips, and out-of-town travel.
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pre-listing home inspection
Three Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
In order to avoid any surprises that a buyer’s home inspection may bring, sellers should have a pre-listing home inspection.
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prevent mold growth in your home
5 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home
Mold growing in homes can cause health problems for those who live there. It has been known to cause or
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signs of roof trouble
Signs of Roof Trouble You Shouldn’t Ignore
A secure roof is a fundamental element of any home. The roof protects the structure from leaks, the sun and
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reduce humidity in the home
8 Simple Tips to Reduce Humidity in the Home
Your home is probably the single biggest purchase you’ll ever make. As a homeowner, it’s essential that you take steps
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Protect Your Home From Wind Damage
5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Wind Damage
Whether it’s from a tornado, a hurricane or just a bad thunderstorm, high winds can cause a great deal of
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pool safety tips
5 Pool Safety Tips for Homeowners
Remember these Pool Safety Tips this Summer Basic pool safety is often a no-brainer, but aside from not running on
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party prep tips
5 Party Prep Tips for Warm Weather
Get Ready for Summer with these Party Prep Tips With summer right around the corner, now is the time to
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home inspection tips
6 Important Home Inspection Tips
Home Inspection Tips for a Better Inspection Experience A quality home inspection is a significant part of both buying and
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home maintenance tips
8 Home Maintenance Tips to Get Ready for Spring
Follow our Home Maintenance Tips for a Better Spring Season With winter coming to an end and spring on the
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